6 Steps For Styling Your Beard

The art of styling a beard is rather straightforward when you think about it. However, there are so many styles out there that it can get very confusing especially if you are not familiar with beard shapes and texture.

To make styling practice a lot easier, we have put together this article to give you some fresh perspective on how styling works. It features a process that is very easy to understand so it’s virtually impossible for you to do the wrong thing.

6 Steps For Styling Your Beard

As earlier mentioned, beard styling doesn’t have to be a process built on experiments and errors. To give you the confidence and reassurance that you can style your beard by yourself, these steps will definitely guide you.

  1. Wash The Beard Daily

An unkempt beard can only serve to be your worst enemy if you’re getting into self-styling. The crumbs and foreign particles that get lodged in the beard hair cause itchiness and skin reactions. Any attempt to style the hair won’t go smoothly.

Washing the hair can be done by using soap and rubbing it in and through the beard hairs. After this, rinse with warm water.

  1. Beard Spray

When the hair is still just a bit damp, you can apply beard spray. The use of beard spray is not just for the refreshing effect as it makes it easier for beard hair to respond to any form of styling that you choose.

The combination of the water and the beard spray makes the hair soft and easy to smoothen out.

  1. Comb Out The Hair

When it comes to styling, it’s all about the equipment you use working in tandem with each other. In this case, you make use of the beard spray and a round brush. For maximum efficiency, it is important for the comb to be half-inch in diameter. Use the round comb to go through the hair while spraying.

  1. Use Hair Dryer And Comb

Once you are done with the spray and combing process, next comes the hairdryer. The dryer is crucial for removing any residue water or moisture that may spoil the styling process. With the dryer set to its hot setting, comb the hairs in a rolling fashion.

When combing the hairs, the motion you use is important. In practice, you need to comb downward toward the growth of the hair. This ensures that the styling will look natural in the end. This process should be repeated on both parts of the face.

After the first phase of hair drying with the hot setting, it should be switched to the cold setting. This is important because constant use of hot air might end up ruining the hair. To prevent this, begin using the hot setting but halfway through the combing process, switch to the cold setting.

  1. Roll The Mustache

The work of the round comb and dryer is not done until you have styled the mustache. When styling the hair above your lip, the goal is to get the hair above to align with the rest of the beard below.

To achieve this, roll the mustache hairs downward towards the rest of the beard. The hair dryer should be used on the area that is being combed. It should be facing downwards as well to get the hairs to fall nicely. The process should be repeated on either side of the face.

  1. Use Styling Balm To Finish

There are numerous products of styling balms out there on the market so the choice, in the end, will have to be yours. However, it is important to get one that works with your beard texture. It is more effective to apply the styling balm after most of the styling is already done.

When applying the styling balm, rub it through and under the hairs. At the same time, use the round comb to smoothen the hairs out for the last time.

How to Style a Beard Video

Final Thoughts on How to Style Your Beard

Styling your own hair is truly a feat that deserves accolades. It might be difficult at first but it gets better with constant practice. You can always refer to this article if things get difficult and confusing.

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