Simple Beard Care Routine for Well-Groomed and Neat Hair

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

It goes without saying that a well-groomed and neatly trimmed beard can do wonders for your confidence and overall appearance. The magic involved in getting a beard looking fresh and professional can be found in your morning routine as this sets the pace for the entire day.

In addition to the morning maintenance of the beard, your choice of morning routine will help clear out any issues that may be hidden by the beard ranging from dry skin to beard itch. In this article, we will be making some awesome suggestions and recommendations which can fit in nicely with your morning beard care routine.

Supplies For The Beard Care Routine

Regardless of whether you’re opting for a short beard or a long one with a full mustache, the right supplies cannot be denied. These will be the greatest determinants as to how the entire routine is effective. In this regard, the following supplies that should be treated as essential include;

Beard Oil

Essentially the holy grail of beard grooming, beard oil gives the beard hair and the skin below it all the required moisture. That being said, the production of beard oil is on the increase so you have to do sufficient research before making a choice.

To help you out, we recommend that you get one that can give your skin enough moisture and also comes with a good fragrance.

Beard Balm

A popular finisher for beard grooming processes, beard balm beats out beard oil in certain respects. A major factor is that the beard balm stays longer in the beard thus making it easier for it to be effective.

It’s worth noting that this product is targeted at people with medium-long length beards. If you fall into this category, you’re good to go.

Beard Scissors and Trimmer

For any hair removal activity to go smoothly, a beard trimmer or scissors has to be involved. The process is also made a lot easier if you have an electric beard trimmer that can trim the hairs smoother.

If you’re going with a tight trim, beard scissors are better than trimmers as they can pick out finer and shorter hairs.

Beard Conditioner And Shampoo

Now, you might be thinking that since you already have hair shampoo, there’s no need for beard shampoo. This is a common error and one you should avoid. Applying the shampoo for your head onto your beard will only lead to irritated skin and dried-out facial hair.

You need beard shampoo to reduce beard dandruff and preserve the natural oil on your skin. Granted, there are numerous beard washes on the market, you just need one that’s environmentally friendly and made from natural ingredients.

Beard Care Routine

Your beard care routine can be shortened into the following steps;

Brush Your Beard

The brush that gets used will depend on the length of your beard. One of the targets of brushing here is to get the hair follicles equally distributed and get the face looking more even. It also brings dandruff to the surface and makes them easier to remove. When brushing, move in a circular motion to get all the dirt and grime out of the skin underneath.

Trim The Beard

This doesn’t need to be done daily but it should be done regularly. Use an electric razor to clean up the beard and even all the hairs out. Once you’re done with the area below the chin, use the scissors to trim the hair around and along the upper lip.

The hair should be trimmed away from the mouth to prevent crumbs from hanging on when you’re eating.

Wash Up

With the trimming completed, use your preferred beard shampoo to wash up. Simply lather it on all the facial hair and rinse with warm water.


When the beard is still a bit damp, apply your beard oil or balm. Gently massage the balm into your beard with your hands. For maximum effect, use as little of the oil as possible.

Beard Care Routine Video

Final Thoughts On Beard Care Routines

Your morning beard routine will set the tone for the overall appearance of the day. With the right tools and steps, achieving that fresh look will be really smooth.

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