How to Trim Your Beard at Home

Sunday, January 16, 2022

There might come a time when it is impossible to go to your barber to trim your beard. The reasons are numerous and can range from distance to wanting to try beard trimming at home on your own.

With the increase in virus cases, it’s worth looking at the possibility of getting a trim done without the help of your barber. In this article, we will take a look at the necessary steps and guidelines for doing a trim at home by yourself and making sure it comes out alright.

Guidelines For Beard Trimming At Home

Beard trimming at home is delicate and the steps to follow are worth paying attention to. These include the following;

Wash The Beard

It goes without saying that a clean beard is essential to trimming accurately. This will prevent foreign items that may have been caught up in the beard from interfering with the proper functioning of the trimmer.

Additionally, beard wash is recommended to get the beard as clean as possible.

Groom Your Neckline

The success of the trimming process hinges on how well you can trim the neckline. To begin with, this involves detangling the beard and smoothening out the hairs to make trimming a lot easier. After this, shaving shoulf start from the bottom by making a mark just above the neckline.

Once the mark has been made, create a natural curved line till the left and right of the beard. The trimmer needs to be placed accurately with its flat surface placed on your skin as you move upwards. This should be continued until the neck is clean.

Trim Your Side Burns

After cleaning up the neckline, the sideburns should be groomed next. In most cases, they are easy to overlook but this should be avoided if you want the full beard experience. In practice, begin trimming the sideburns from the outside and then the inside. This should cover the entire area below the ear.

Groom Your Cheekline

The cheek line is arguably the most visible area of your face when it comes to facial hair. With that in mind, the grooming goal is to make the mustache and sideburns connect.

To start with, the trimmer should be held with the blade facing downward to get the angles right. If you’re looking at style, choosing to keep the sideburns naturally curved is a good option. This will make it line up nicely with the mustache.

After making the line, you can go ahead and trim off any extra and overgrown hairs.

Trimming The Mustache

There are no strict rules when it comes to trimming mustaches so the choice is definitely yours. However, we would like to add that as you experiment with your mustache length, it’s best to keep it within the same boundaries as the beard.

This makes it a whole lot easier to handle when the time comes for styling. Additionally, you can trim the obvious areas where overgrown hair might be which are the sides, above the lip, and below the nose.

Length Trimming

Ideally, this should have been decided long before the process of trimming began. This is because the choice between short or long beards plays a bigger role in how the beard turns out. In this case, the trimming comb should first be mounted on the trimmer.

The technique is the same as that used for the neckline with the trimmer moving upwards while being kept flat on the surface of the skin. This process should be repeated until the beards all have a clean length trim.

Furthermore, the outline of the beard should be considered when trimming. This is to avoid getting the length wrong and to keep it within the confines of the natural outline.

Beard Trimming Video

As the days go by at home, your beards may be getting a little out of hand. While grooming your beard may seem daunting, there are 4 easy steps that can get you going on the path to nicely manicured facial hair.

Final Thoughts On Trimming Your Beard At Home

When trimming your beard on your own, you might be experiencing doubts on how to go about it. In reality, it’s not that complicated although it might take getting used to.

The major fact to note is that you need the right tools and tips to get the job done. With the information that this article has provided, trimming your beard becomes a mere formality.

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