How to Style a Beard By Face Type

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

The method and techniques for successfully shaving your beard are hard to agree on. The different styling and shaving techniques will largely depend on your individual beard type. However, we would like to help you out and so this article will give you a brief summary on how-tos have it correctly before diving into the different beard styles.

How To Shave Your Beard

As promised, we will be compressing years of beard grooming expertise into this short. The best practice for shaving your beard can be summarized into the following process;

Find Your Beard Face

If you have a round face, then you definitely require a longer beard. This is because the extra hair will help to even out the proportions of the face. This is as opposed to slimmer faces where a refined and streamlined beard is the way to go.

Brush All Beard Hair In One Direction

Not a reference to the music band but all the beard hair needs to be brushed towards one direction. As this is done, keep in mind that some hair might be hanging loosely around so trimming them to equal the beard length is important.

Shape Your Sideburn

At this stage, take time to trim the sideburns and remove any hair that appears above the beard and on the cheek.

Define Your Neckline

As far as beard shaving practices go, you can never go wrong with a beard trimmer or a razor. This is used to cut the hair that is below the jaw and above the neck. To get that perfect neckline trim, run the beard trimmer along the neckline and slowly move upwards.

Clean Up The Lips

It’s easy to forget about the mustache but you won’t be doing yourself any favors. Use the beard trimmer to remove any hairs that extend over the upper lip. Additionally, you can go the extra mile and trim the nostril hair as well.

How To Style A Beard

This is where things get a little complicated. Beard styles over time have evolved to work for each individual person and will depend on how your face is structured. With that in mind, we can recommend the best styling options for different face shapes;

Beard Style For Square Faces

If you have been gifted with a square face that comes with a chiseled jawline, you can increase your fresh look with a circular beard. The awesome effect of this is that it makes the chin a bit longer and balances out all the facial squareness.

Beard Style For Triangular Faces

The facial traits here are a pointier chin and wider cheekbones. With those two characteristics to contend with, the preferred style choice is a beardstache. Despite its weird combo name, it’s actually pretty simple to pull off.

To get the beardstache, just grow out a full mustache with a beard and stubble. The trick is to keep your facial hair to a minimum so it can balance nicely on your chin.

Beard Style For Rectangular, Diamond, or Oblong Faces

Styling for these sorts of faces is easy to pull off with the major requirement being that the sides should be trimmed short and the bottom more rounded. This is essential for keeping the facial angles soft.

Beard Style For Oval Faces

Arguably, this is the easiest face to work with seeing as it can work with virtually any beard style. It’s best utilized with a full beard where both sides are kept bushy. The bottom of the beard should however be kept short.

The beard also needs to be maintained regularly so regular grooming and beard straightening are highly recommended.

Beard Style For Round Faces

This is not very different from oval faces so the same beard style is still applicable. However, the difference comes with the sides being kept short as opposed to the bottom. This will give the beard a longer look and increase the face length as well.

7 Ways To Shave and Style A Mustache

This video will show you how to shave 7 classic mustache styles. Starting with his full beard, Matty takes you all the way from a beardstache to a pyramid pencil with all the tools and techniques needed to pull off these mustache looks.

Final Thoughts on Beard Styling by Face Type

Shaving and styling are important for beard grooming. You are allowed free roam on what practices and methods to use. You can opt to use the recommendations in this article to get the job done.

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