How to Soften Facial Hair for Beards and Mustaches

One of the biggest challenges men face when growing out a beard or mustache is avoiding dry, brittle, and coarse hair. Keeping your facial hair soft takes a lot of work but maintaining your beard and mustache with proper daily grooming is worth it.

 While the idea of grooming your facial hair may seem daunting to some, doing so is easy and doesn’t need to take a lot of your time. This article will go over some reasons why your facial hair isn’t as soft as it could be and the steps you can start taking to keep it soft, supple, and healthy.

Why isn’t your facial hair soft?

Beard and mustache hair has a unique, coarser structure than the hair on your head. It can dry out quickly depending on your diet or the environment you live in, develop sharp split ends, and become prickly when not properly moisturized. Here are the most common causes for scratchy, difficult facial hair:

Not enough moisture

When your beard lacks moisture, it will inevitably become more prone to breakage. Even though your skin produces natural oils to help keep your facial hair moisturized, washing with regular shampoos or soaps can easily strip those oils away. If you don’t substitute them with a high-quality moisturizer or beard oil, your beard will become dry and damaged.

Split ends

Split ends are a common problem for men with beards and can become a bigger problem as your beard grows longer. Split ends occur when your facial hair is exposed to harsh weather conditions like wind and sun, which can destroy your hair follicle and lead to breakage. If you find yourself trimming your beard and mustache frequently, you’re probably prone to developing split ends.

Hard water

Hard water contains a high amount of minerals that can seriously damage your beard. Washing your facial hair with this type of water makes it harder to rinse your beard cleanser out and can make your cleanser less effective. This leads to rough, dried-out hair that can become tangled and unruly.


When you’re dehydrated, your skin and facial hair suffer some major consequences. Make sure to drink enough water to stay properly hydrated, especially if you exercise often or are dealing with harsh weather conditions.

How do you keep your beard and mustache soft?

Now that you know what’s making your facial hair rough, your next step is to start an effective beard grooming routine. Choosing quality beard care products and developing proper grooming techniques is a must to keep your beard and mustache soft and healthy. If you’re not sure where to start, read on:

Wash frequently

Washing your face and beard is the first step in any good skincare routine. Dead skin cells, environmental pollutants, and your body’s natural oils build up on your face and settle in your beard throughout the day, which can lead to breakouts, split ends, and more. Invest in a beard cleanser designed specifically for facial hair to remove the buildup of all the gunk that can damage your beard hair and the skin underneath it.

Massage the beard cleanser into your beard by starting at the outer edges of your facial hair and working down to the tips. Rinse it out thoroughly, as any leftover cleanser can dry your beard out and make it rougher. Finally, gently pat your beard dry with a soft towel and let it rest for a few minutes before braving the outdoors.

Use a beard moisturizer

After you wash your facial hair, replenishing the oils lost from cleansing with a good beard moisturizer is crucial. Moisturizers not only hydrate the skin under the beard but also help to reduce stubble stiffness. Find the best moisturizer for your skin type and apply it every time you wash or exfoliate by massaging it into your face and beard.

Apply a beard oil

Beard oil is one of the most effective types of beard moisturizers. A high-quality beard oil will minimize beard itchiness, eliminate dandruff, and leave your beard and mustache feeling smooth and soft.

To apply beard oil, put two to three drops – no bigger than the size of a dime – in your palms and use your fingers to massage the oil through your beard. Start from the roots of your facial hair and work down to the tips. Make sure not to use too much of it, since excessive beard oil can make your beard look greasy.

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