How to Moisturize Skin Under Beard to Avoid Dry Skin and Acne

Beards are back in style, which means dry skin and beard dandruff are back too. While itchy, flaky skin can be embarrassing, consider it a reminder that facial hair requires proper care and maintenance. Luckily, keeping your skin moisturized just requires a few changes to your grooming routine.

Growing a healthy beard is as much about taking care of your skin as it is about taking care of your facial hair. This guide will explain the most common factors that dry out the skin under your beard as well as how to keep your skin properly moisturized.

What causes dry skin under the beard?

Facial hair wicks your skin’s natural oils away, which can leave the skin underneath it feeling dry and flaky. What’s more, dead skin cells and dirt can get stuck around the shafts of your facial hair, which attracts grease and leads to ingrown hairs. And that’s just the start of our problems! Here are a few more reasons why the skin under your beard is dry:

Washing too often

Washing your beard is essential for maintaining the health of both your facial hair and the skin beneath it. However, washing too often or scrubbing too hard, especially if you aren’t using a proper beard cleanser, can strip away your skin’s natural oils and result in dry, itchy skin and split ends.

Strong detergents

A lot of men resort to using regular hair shampoo or soaps to wash their beards, but these products often contain strong chemicals in their ingredients list. Heavy detergents can cause your facial hair and the skin under it to get excessively dry and irritated. You can easily avoid harsh chemicals by investing in a quality beard cleanser made specifically for facial hair.

Harsh environment

Harsh environmental conditions can have some seriously negative effects on the skin under your beard. Extremely hot weather can cause skin-damaging sunburns and make you sweat more, which washes away your skin’s natural oils. Excessively cold or dry weather has a similar effect, drying your skin out by stripping it of moisture.


Stress is bad all around, but it can drastically affect your skin. When you’re feeling stressed, your cortisol levels rise, which can strip away the natural oils in your skin and facial hair and prevent beard growth. Managing your stress is an important step in keeping yourself – and your skin – healthy.

How do you keep the skin under your beard moisturized?

If you’re experiencing dry skin under your beard, you’re not alone. Here are a few simple tips to keep your skin properly moisturized and eliminate dryness altogether:

Use a proper beard cleanser

Beard hair is naturally coarser than the hair on your head, so using a cleanser designed for facial hair is essential. The harsh ingredients found in traditional cleansers can dry out your beard and skin alike, so stop putting them on your face. Ditch the harsh soaps, shampoos, and – heaven forbid – the 2-in-1s and invest in a proper beard cleanser instead.

Exfoliate dead skin cells

Our skin cells naturally die over time, but the buildup of dead cells on your face can cause itchiness and beard dandruff. If you’re prone to dandruff, exfoliating your skin once a week with a facial scrub can help. You might also consider investing in a beard brush, which you can use daily to slough away dead cells, evenly distribute your skin’s natural oils, and stimulate circulation in your face.

Apply a good beard moisturizer

A lot of men think that moisturizing is unnecessary, but it’s one of the most important habits you can develop for keeping your beard and the skin beneath it healthy. Good news: moisturizing only takes a couple of minutes.

Simply massage the beard moisturizer into the skin under your beard and work it through your facial hair to the ends. For the best results, use a beard moisturizer that’s right for your skin type and always moisturize after washing.

Invest in a high-quality beard oil

Beard oil is a type of beard moisturizer that can work wonders for relieving the dry skin under your beard. A high-quality beard oil will minimize itchiness, eliminate beard dandruff, and leave your facial hair and skin feeling smooth and healthy.

Apply beard oil by putting two or three drops in your palms and working it through your beard with your fingers. Start from your face and work down to the tips, massaging the oil in for the most effective moisturization.

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