How to Groom Your Beard Without Trimming it

Once you have gone to painstaking lengths to get your luscious beard all grown out, you need to keep it looking good but there’s a chance you might be reluctant about cutting it. Luckily, there is a way to groom your beard without cutting it and we’ll be looking at that alongside the right products that you can make use of.

Supplies For Grooming Without Trimming

Grooming beards without trimming them is not a common practice so it’s crucial that only the right tools are used. In this regard, the following tools are worth using;

Blow Dryer

Any skepticism you might have about this is quite understandable but bear with us for a moment. It would interest you to know that blow dryers are not only good for the hair on top of the head but can also clean up beard hairs.

The choice of blow dryer must also be carefully selected. Seeing as you’re essentially attempting the impossible, it’s best to go with a blow dryer that has both power control and heat control. These functions are necessary as facial hair can be dried out if there is too much heat and power from the blow dryer.


Brushes are as vital as it gets in terms of beard grooming. However, you don't have to trim so the choice of brush gets a bit tricky. The safest bet is a heated brush which can be applied minimally to smoothen out the hairs. In practice, avoid using it on high heat as this can damage the hairs.

Other items include:

  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Beard balm

Steps For Grooming Your Beard Without Trimming

Wash The Beard

As always, this is the absolute first step before any of the magic happens. You need to carefully wash the beard to get out any food particles that might be hanging loosely about. The process is rather simple and you can use soap to gently rub into the beard.

For beard washing, a shampoo is also a good option as it creates a good volume of moisture that can soak into the beard. Once this is done, you can rinse the beard with water and dry it carefully. The method for drying is very important as doing it too strongly might injure the hairs so gentle rubs are the way to go.

Once the beard is dry, you can apply beard balm to moisturize the hairs and the skin below. In this case, the beard balm works better than the beard oil.

Detangle The Beard

To allow the grooming to get done without any hindrance, the wide-tooth comb comes in. Usually, combing the beard while grooming may not be advisable but this is an exception as the comb’s wide teeth guarantee that no hairs will be damaged during the entire process.

The wide comb should be run down the sides and front of the beard to straighten the beard out and smoothen the finer hairs.

Use Blow Dryer To Groom Beard Hair

The blow dryer is the major part of this grooming process. To get the most out of it, the blow dryer needs to be turned upside down in a flowing motion to let the air hit flush on the beard.

To get the hairs smooth, use the wide-tooth comb alongside the blow dryer. The combination of smooth gentle strokes through the hair and the air from the blow dryer gives the beard a more refined look when the process is completed.

Groom The Mustache

Grooming the mustache can get tricky especially if you have a full beard. In this case, there might be the temptation to trim it but that would only ruin the symmetry with other parts of the beard.

The best thing to do is use the wide-tooth comb to hold one side of the mustache while using the blow dryer on the other half. This process should be repeated on the other half of the mustache.

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Final Thoughts on Beard Grooming Without Trimming

On the surface, grooming your beard without trimming might seem impossible but luckily, we have been able to prove that assumption wrong. With the tools and steps, we’ve given you, it should be a breeze.

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