How Long Does Beard Oil Take to Work?

If you’ve been growing your beard for a while, you’ve likely come across the benefits of using beard oil on your facial hair. Not only is it a great way to keep your beard feeling and looking healthy, but it’s also easy to use.

We’re often asked how long beard oil takes to work. In this article, we’ll chat about the factors that can affect how long it will take your beard oil to start showing results.

How Long Does Beard Oil Take to Work?

The short answer is that beard oils will take six to eight weeks to start producing desired results. However, it isn’t quite as simple as that. Factors like your facial hair and skin type, beard length, how frequently you apply the oil, and the ingredients of the oil itself all contribute to either speeding up or slowing down just how soon your beard oil will take to work.

While this may sound complicated, we’ll do our best to explain each of these factors in detail below:  

Beard hair type

The dryer your facial hair is, the longer it’s going to take for the hydrating benefits of beard oil to take effect. Coarse, rough hair can prevent the oils from properly penetrating the follicles. This means that if your beard is especially dry and prickly, it’s going to take more time for your beard oil to work its magic.

Skin type

Skin type plays a huge role in how quickly your beard oil will produce results. If you have smooth skin, your pores can more easily absorb the oil, whereas dry, patchy skin will take longer to properly absorb any moisturizers. When skin can absorb the beard oil efficiently, the oils can spend more time soaking into the roots of your facial hair.

Beard length

The longer your beard is, the longer you’ll have to wait for results from your beard oil. Think of it this way: when your beard hair is long, your skin’s natural sebum oil isn’t enough to moisturize the tips and keep it from drying out anymore. As a result, the ends of your facial hair become coarse, which in turn keeps the beard oils from working as effectively as they do on shorter beard hair.

Beard oil ingredients

High-quality beard oils that contain ingredients like vitamin E and essential oils will better penetrate facial hair faster than those without them. Alternatively, beard oils that contain a lot of high viscosity carrier oils will slow down your skin’s ability to absorb oil and reach your facial hair roots. The longer it takes for your skin and beard to absorb the oil, the longer it will take to see results.

Frequency of application

How frequently you use your beard oil is one of the biggest factors in determining how quickly you’ll begin to see results. Beard oil works cumulatively, which means that it will work best with frequent, consistent use. This doesn’t mean that you should go overboard and apply too much of it but be sure to apply it every morning and night, ideally after taking a shower and cleansing your face, to see results quicker.

What’s the Proper Way to Apply Beard Oil?

Now that you know the factors that can affect how quickly your beard oil will work, let’s go over how to properly apply the stuff. Simply running it through your facial hair will get results eventually but learning how to apply it correctly will help it to work more efficiently.

  1. Wash your face and beard with a proper beard cleanser, and make sure to pat it dry afterward.
  2. Pour two to three droplets of oil in your palms to start and add more if your beard is especially coarse or long.
  3. Spread the oil evenly by starting at the roots of your beard, against your face, and working your fingers down through the hair.
  4. For better results, massage the oil onto your face and beard hair using your fingers.
  5. To finish, pull a beard brush or beard comb through your beard gently, brushing through the entire length of your beard and detangling any snags.

Applying beard oil doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking, but it’s important that you do it correctly to achieve the best results. Once you find the right beard oil for your skin and facial hair type, you’ll start seeing results in no time with consistent and proper application.

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